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A step by step guide for professionals looking to launch a successful podcast

By Dr. Colleen Mullen & Mike Dowdy

Starting a podcast is an excellent way to build your audience. Unlike paid advertising and social media with podcasting, you own your audience. Podcasting is an excellent way to grow your business with minimal expense. That said, the process of getting started often leads to overwhelm. What is the first step? Can I use my laptop? What kind of mic should I buy? Is hosting a podcast the same as hosting a website? How do you get your show loaded into iTunes? At Podcast Launch Experts we specialize in answering all the questions you have to get you up and running! As a busy professional, you have a business to run, a family to provide for along with a whole list of responsibilities. You don’t have hours to waste watching YouTube videos or endlessly Google for the answers you need, only hoping that you get accurate information. We give you the information you need to launch! After that, we hold your hand through marketing and monetizing your efforts! We save you hours of frustration and show you exactly how to make money!

Why should you listen to us???

Dr. Colleen Mullen has been the host of The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast since June 2015, the co-host of Shrink2Shrink Podcast since April 2016. Coaching Through Chaos launched on iTunes at #2 in Science and Medicine and was featured in all New & Noteworthy Categories for over 14 weeks!!! She is a best-selling author and has been running a successful private practice in San Diego for 13 years!! Her work and writing have been featured on over 150 websites, podcasts, newspapers, radio and tv shows since 2016. SHe knows how to grow successful ventures! The connections made, the impact in her field and tripling of her income have all been due to residual effects of hosting a podcast. Mike Dowdy is the president of two tech companies and has worked behind the scenes with some of the most successful podcasts today!

Already looked into podcasting, but got overwhelmed?

If you’ve been looking to get into podcasting, the amount of information out there is overwhelming. Some of it is good. A lot of it is misleading. If you don’t know what you need, it can be hard to tell the difference. That’s where we come in.

Most professionals like yourself put off starting their podcast for months, only to witness people with less talent succeed with their podcast. You end up feeling burned out before you even got started.

Common Challenges- Why You Probably Haven’t Started!

  • You don’t have time to record.
  • You don’t know which equipment to use.
  • You don’t know how to get it on the internet.
  • You need content ideas for your niche.
  • Who’s going to pay for it? You need sponsors/patrons/lead magnets/affiliate links.
  • Social Media Overwhelm!!!

Is it all worth the effort?!?!

YES!!! YES!! YES!!! And we’ll tell you why!

Podcast Launch Experts helps you monetize your specialized knowledge. If you are a doctor, attorney, teacher, professor or any professional for that matter your knowledge is in high demand in the podcast space.


How do we do this??

We custom design a program for your business to help you get all that you need to not only grow your business reach through podcasting, but to make you more money, find you more opportunities and be THE expert in your field that others want to hear from!

We feel your pain – And know how to heal it!

Most podcasts fade out after a few episodes, or don’t ever get started! Why is this??? It’s because they did not have the right coach to walk them through the step-by-step process of getting their podcast launched and marketed. Without a mentor and a specific plan, professionals who wish to start their own podcast risk wasting a ton of time, energy, money and in some cases their relationships just to get their shows going.

All this frustration can be avoided by working with Podcast Launch Experts.
We know you don’t want to waste hours that could be spent with your family or throw money down the toilet. We believe in supporting professionals like you. Your passion for podcasting is what gets us up out of bed! That said, passion is not enough. You need a predictable plan to help you structure and streamline your podcast. That’s why we created Podcast Launch Experts to help professionals get into podcasting.

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There are a lot of so-called Gurus out there. We don’t profess to be gurus. We are just 2 people who have walked the walk and talked the talk for many years now and want to share what we know with you.

One of our pet peeves within the business coaching world is all the people selling sensationalized claims to fame. In fact, we went to a local networking event recently and the speaker literally told people they should think of paying $5,000 to a big magazine as they did to get a quote written about them to give them social proof for marketing their business. WTF?!? On another so-called guru’s page (who we know personally), there was a post about all their “graduates”, which included their husband and niece (of course, not named as such publicly) among the small group of 5 people holding “graduation certificates”. Again, WTF?!?

What if YOU were one of the people who had actually paid for that course, only to find out that the others that are there are not only NOT paying for it, but are merely props used to market the business.

Well, at Podcast Launch Experts, we will NOT be selling you on how to spend money to get exposure, nor will we be padding our social media with false images of success stories. We are going to authentically bring what we have learned to you, our customer. We will always respect your time and money, staying focused on how we can get you the most bang for your podcasting buck! We are not selling you on the fact that we know ALL THINGS about EVERYTHING, but we are selling you our very specific expertise. AAAANNNDDD conversely, we do not tell EVERYONE they can be a successful podcaster. We are ONLY interested in those who have already honed their specific craft and would now like to share it with the world to help them increase their revenue, find more professional opportunities, and be the go-to expert in their field!

Colleen has not paid out one dime for her exposure, and she is NOT a social media influencer that has a huge following – she doesn’t need to be! She has learned the way to get the most out of time and effort podcasting by marketing her show effectively and efficiently. Mike is the marketing genius that knows all the details on how to best invest in advertising when that time comes.

Colleen speaking on “Growing and Keeping Your Audience” at 2019 NAB Show!

This is a sampling of some of the places where you will find Colleen quoted/interviewed or full articles credited to her.

The National Association of Broadcasters annual conference in Las Vegas.

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What you get!

We teach you:
  • The importance of investing in good equipment (but still on a budget that won’t break the bank).
  • What a hosting company is and how to choose one.
  • How to get your show edited professionally (again- don’t be scared – we provide you will all sorts of budget options).
  • How to make money podcasting!
    • Sponsor solicitations
    • How to get affiliate links, what they are and why you want them
    • How to get your audience to support your show with their $ !
  • What a micro-influencer is and why that will be important for you!
  • How to market your show!
    • Targeting, re-targeting, pixel tracking
    • we’ve got it all covered!- How to get your voice feature on major websites and other podcasting/media outlets!
    • How one video ad resulted in over $3400 new business in the first 30 days!
  • Who to connect with within the podcasting community so that you not only get as much exposure as possible, but also become part of the larger universal podcasing family!

zero seconds to launch – Will you be blasting off or sitting by and watching from the sidelines???

Major BONUS!!!!

In addition to what we teach you, we also GIVE you 1 fully executed video ad campaign to market your podcast when you are ready to launch!

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The Podcast Cheat Sheet from Podcast Launch Experts

The Essential guide checklist for growing your audience

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